How travelling has changed our perspective on life!

Remember those times, when the only thing we knew was competition. Race in which we all were participating unknown of the goal and purpose behind it. It still exists evidently. But something has changed.
The perception, the goal & what matters most in this world. The working days are not so bad now, coz one thing we people look forward to is … at the end of it we will travel to “far far away land”; not necessarily only “Traveling” is making that revelation but it is one of them.

Our goal has shifted from materialistic desires towards a happy and sane life.

Wanna see how it changed. Here are the list of some very minute but essential things we inculcated lately because of traveling.

Outdoors are better than Indoors

No wonder one finds comfort at home with all one need. It’s easy to move your body a few inches than walk extra mile. But that’s where we miss out on the world. The exploration, discovering new places, culture and people reveals what’s beyond you and how much beauty is out there.

The world is exceptionally beautiful!

Can you replace that one moment in the midst of your journey, when your heart skipped a beat while looking at the view? That sight when you trek to the peak and find that the place is no better than heaven or when you trail along forest and find a secluded beach which is breathtaking or suddenly you wake up and find the mesmerising sunrise from your hotel room in a South Asian island.

Already feeling the stress melting away, right?

Haven’t we all witnessed some of the most spectacular views of our lives while exploring this planet and the way it makes you feel is irreplaceable?


This hectic life where we all are struggling to find ourselves in the midst of chaos; this exploration passion of ours shows us the actual meaning of our existence.


Travelling teaches us awareness towards the place we are at, the people, its beauty, the food, culture, music and most importantly YOU. How this passion brings us the joy of being at present and cherish it forever. Do you remember the movie “ZNMD” and those lines after scuba diving “Apne honay pe mujhko yaqeen aa gaya”.

Materialistic desires are vanishing

Remember times when our priority was more about having humongous things and burdening ourselves to work harder all our life to earn it without enjoying or cherishing the things we already had.
It has changed now, we are more keen to get a sane and happy life, we are believing in doing and getting things which feed our soul.


The journey to places brings the opportunity to meet people from around the world. Their stories and lifestyle change our perspective towards how we feel about our own life.

Time is precious

Nature teaches the importance of time. That how the most beautiful view can only be seen at the dawn and that the magnificent creatures in the forest could be seen only after patience.

Revelation in the midst of nature

You might realise that while being on these amazing trips you often end up knowing more about yourself and if you are “get lost in nature kinda soul”, you find peace and answers to some unresolved issues you experienced.

This usually happens coz you get the time to think and analyse yourself, which is the necessity in today’s hectic life. This brings gratitude and awareness.


Our mind opens up to various possibilities when you are on this journey.
You find the worries vanished and solutions to numerous problems unattended. Hence, you work efficiently.

Healthy life

The dire need for exploring the world is making one aware of their body and mind. To explore places or to have a picture perfect of oneself at that place is motivating enough to eat better and exercise.
A person who travels often is worry free and optimistic in life.

No boundaries to be seen

When you yourselves sees certain things perspective changes for good, and your life seems more beautiful. Similarly, this hobby is bringing people together. Travelling has solved the unknowing enmity and autonomy of the entire world. It’s making one aware of several culture and people. People now is understanding the vastness beyond one’s city and country, that how admiring the whole world can be and how small your worries are.

Hope you liked this post!

Please feel free to share your views.

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